Our attorneys have represented some of the most creative and innovative domestic and international companies to secure their ideas and inventions.

Our strategy is simple: build a knowledgeable, technically competent team who understands the business significance of a technical nuance for our clients, and explain that nuance to a US patent examiner, so they too can understand why the idea is different and valuable. It is not about software tools, next-generation artificial intelligence or anything else. It is about how to explain complex ideas to a patent examiner who has limited time to understand from a patent specification what is new and why it is valuable.

The patent prosecution team at Xsensus has decades of experience of doing just that. Whenever possible, we believe a personal interview with the patent examiner is the most efficient way to exchange thoughts, ideas and concerns, and then collaboratively identify what is the best way to prepare the claims to distinguish the prior art while protecting the business interests of the client. The USPTO agrees and recognizes interviews as an important step towards “compact prosecution”. The better we can understand the clients’ business objectives, the better we can assist in obtaining commercially valuable patents for them.

Xsensus’ patent professionals draw on their extensive industry and legal experience to develop and streamline processes for drafting and securing patent applications at the USPTO, creating maximized efficiency and value for you. For example, we have developed successful strategies such as “group prosecution”, the “aggressive interview”, Patent Agent Prosecution Path (PAPP) and “commercial feedback” to obtain patents that are aligned with the business objectives of our clients. In fact, the more we can learn about the clients’ business objectives, the better we can help develop prosecution strategies that are optimized for results. This is one of the reasons why we invite clients to stay in our offices, and likewise, it is why we consider it our responsibility to visit our clients and exchange information and update strategies.

Successfully securing patents is only possible if your attorney/agent is sufficiently skilled and technically competent enough to fully understand your industry and the intellectual property you are seeking to protect. We value patent professionals with strong technical backgrounds, industry experience and USPTO experience because we know such people can understand complex technical ideas, thus reducing the burden on inventors, and explain them in a convincing way to patent examiners.

This expertise, along with our proximity to the USPTO main campus, allows us to collaborate with examiners and meet face-to-face to ensure they clearly understand and appreciate the ingenious and unique features of each of your inventions. It is not a secret that personal interviews are the best way to obtain US patents—Xsensus actually does this.

Xsensus IP Law Firm Near USPTO

We will guide you through:

  • Patent prosecution
  • Drafting applications
  • Alice strategies
  • Claim revision
  • Leading corporate IP strategy working groups
  • Developing prosecution strategies
    • Group prosecution
    • Aggressive interviews
    • Patent agent prosecution path
    • Commercial feedback
  • Strategic counseling
  • Workflow assessment and re-engineering
  • Commercially essential patenting