Comprehensive patent protection and strategic planning are essential for ensuring the maximum protection of your therapeutic, diagnostic or formulation product in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Unlike other industries, it can take years for your company to obtain approval for the sale or your therapeutic, diagnostic test or proprietary formulation. Thus, comprehensive patent protection and appropriate patent life cycle management is key and involves implementing a strategy that allows for the protection of not just your current intended use of your product but those uses that may be valuable down the line to provide protection that allows for obtaining the maximum value for the time, effort and investment you put into developing your valuable product.

Xsensus brings decades of experience providing the most comprehensive and longest lasting protection for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. We can help support the protection of those products under development and any new uses of currently available products to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Xsensus works with its clients to determine the correct time to file that first application and to coordinate the potential extension of the patent life through Patent Term Extension or through a Supplementary Protection Certificate. Additionally, we can assist you with counsel on infringement or validity of a competitor’s patents and help develop strategies to avoid potential future infringement.