Tailoring chemical industry IP strategies to increase portfolio value and protect chemical innovations.

Xsensus brings together scientific and industry experience to provide innovative solutions to your patent needs.

We can help support the commercialization of complex chemical inventions, by ensuring broad patent protection to help our clients maintain a competitive edge in their particular field.

We work with clients to determine how and when they should enforce an existing patent. Additionally, we can provide counsel on infringement or validity of competitor patents, and help create strategies to avoid potential future infringement.


Our experience in chemicals spans a wide range of technologies, including:

  • Inorganic/organic materials
  • Nano-structured materials
  • Polymers
  • Metal complex compounds
  • Photoactive materials
  • Pharmaceutical molecules
  • Photodynamic-therapy drug
  • DNA materials
  • Thin-film devices and growth techniques
  • Fluorescence/phosphorescence imaging
  • Photo-dynamic therapy molecules
  • Electrochemistry
  • Atomic Layer Deposition
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Carbon-carbon systems