At Xsensus, we know that obtaining strong patents that cover industry standards are important to protecting your research and development investment.

At Xsensus, our attorneys have obtained over a thousand standard-essential patents and are experienced in addressing these issues. We have expertise in a wide variety of technologies, including communications, digital video, digital audio and optical storage. We know how to quickly identify the relevant portions of the standards and map those portions to our client’s inventions. During prosecution, we create claim charts mapping the standard to the patent claim to be sure that the claims are essential during prosecution, before any patent issues.

Our extensive experience in working with patent examiners provides the highest likelihood of quickly obtaining standards-essential patents. Also, we have experience in working with examiners to determine the best manner of avoiding double patenting rejections and filing terminal disclaimers in order to maximize the value of standards-essential patents.

There are many considerations when seeking patents on industry standards:

  • Is the standard finalized?
  • Obtaining standard essential patents
  • Obtaining patents on edge of the standard while intentionally being non-essential
  • Obtaining as many patents as possible which are essential to the standard
  • How to avoid double patenting rejections at the USPTO to increase the value of related patents