From building products faster or rapidly moving workflow from point A to point B, the demands of manufacturing and logistics companies to develop thoughtful technologies and scale operations for clients and partners continues for many companies.

With globalization, cost pressures and increasing production requirements, companies engaged in manufacturing and logistics are challenged with innovating and deploying with increasing speed.

Whether companies are engaged in precision manufacturing, component manufacturing or developing motors and other hard-line products with industrial and consumer applications, Xsensus’ expertise spans a broad range of intellectual property experience across many industries and applications. Further, developing production technologies and logistics, delivery software and platforms benefits from our advanced knowledge of obtaining patent protection on software and business method related technologies.

Our experience in working with examiners to overcome difficult prior art and other issues allows us to efficiently and effectively obtain strong patent protection in the fields of manufacturing and logistics.

Our experience in manufacturing and logistics includes:

  • Precision manufacturing
  • Industrial component manufacturing
  • Consumer product component manufacturing
  • Networking and interaction of manufacturing computers
  • Automatic generation of factory automation monitoring algorithms
  • Motors
  • Logistics software
  • Delivery management platforms