Xsensus attorneys have experience successfully handling high-stakes, high-profile and complex intellectual property disputes on a global scale.

We understand that patent litigation is a business problem as well as a legal issue. Having a deep understanding of our clients’ issues, priorities and long-term business goals allows us to better represent our clients in their high-stakes patent matters.

Whether you are enforcing your own intellectual property rights or defending against a lawsuit, we will help you form a comprehensive litigation strategy in-line with your business objectives. We can also help you explore options for early resolution of the dispute, such as settlement, mediation, or arbitration.

At Xsensus, our lead counsel is involved in every stage of the litigation process; we don’t just parachute in at the last minute. This means you get better representation throughout the case, including during the critical stages of fact discovery. Our lead counsel will take the key depositions and will know the facts of your case.

Our qualifications, experience and wide-ranging technical backgrounds provide you with a competitive edge in analyzing claims and defenses with respect to your company’s core technology assets.

Our litigation expertise includes:

  • District Court Litigation
  • International Trade Commission (ITC) Litigation
  • Patent infringement, including standards patents
  • Post-grant patent proceedings, including inter partes review
  • Trademark and trade secrets litigation
  • Unfair competition and false advertising
  • Breach of contract