Advances in semiconductor and micro-electronic design and fabrication technologies fuels growth across all other sectors of our converging high technology economy.

As the basic technology underlying all other high tech sectors, semiconductor fabrication, materials, design, packaging and related micro-circuitry technologies lead the way in worldwide investment and growth. Theoretical and practical advances in each of these related fields are continuous, and entire businesses can rapidly rise or fall on the seas of technological change and growth.

Thus, creative intellectual property protection in all forms may be applied by Xsensus to give clients the ability to obtain and exploit inventions in these rapidly changing fields. Xsensus maintains decades-long experience in working with semiconductor and related industry companies across the globe, and Xsensus is uniquely positioned to advise on a broad array of intellectual property needs for semiconductor clients.

Our experience in semiconductors includes:

  • Device fabrication equipment and processes
  • Exotic material semiconductor devices
  • Fabrication processing and automation
  • Packaging and cooling design