Xsensus Team Biggest Loser Challenge ResultsThere’s nothing like a challenge to get into the competitive spirit. The Xsensus team thrives on a little healthy competition around the office.

The Challenge: Participate in a ‘Biggest Loser’ competition to jumpstart healthy habits and lose some weight along the way.

The Duration: The challenge lasted roughly 8 weeks.

The Changes: Our team had more healthy group lunches, more energy around the office in the afternoon, and we aim to maintain the same healthy habits following the competition.

The Results: The team did a fantastic job and finished in the top 10% of teams that participated in an 8-week challenge. After a fierce battle, Brad Lytle came out on top with Andrew Harry in a close second.

What We Learned: By practicing healthy habits we all felt better physically and mentally, all while increasing our comradery through a competition that was healthy in more ways than one.

This follows our steps competition we did over the summer- our next challenge will be posted soon!