David R. Wood has been a patent agent for over 20 years and has worked at several law firms in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area, including at his own private patent practice. Mr. Wood draws from his experience as an atmospheric remote sensing engineer (radar, lidar, spectroscopy, etc.), a senior software design engineer (laser printers), a corporate quality engineer (hard disk drives), an investment banker (sub-performing residential loans), a classically-trained (Job Corps) carpenter, a Pershing nuclear missile technician and even a shoemaker in Germany to gain insight into an inventive concept with the goal of presenting the invention through scope broadening abstractions for robust protection of intellectual property. Mr. Wood has demonstrated aptitude for explaining difficult/complex concepts at both high level and detailed granularity including such topics as:

  • Analog and digital signal processing techniques
  • Design and implementation of software systems and user interfaces
  • Biocompatible implants
  • Business methods
  • Optics and optical systems
  • Radar and lidar
  • Telecommunications and networking
  • Computer network security
  • Data mining
  • Speech recognition and natural language processing
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Mr. Wood has advised foreign associates on foreign prosecution matters including amendments and arguments and has reviewed patent practice textbooks for Oxford University Press.


  • Colorado State University (M.S.)
    • Electrical Engineering
  • Colorado State University (B.S.)
    • Electrical Engineering