Former Oblon partners Bradley Lytle, Andrew Harry, Masa Yokoyama, James Kulbaski and Zach Stern are launching a new IP law firm aimed at delivering intellectual property legal services with an updated approach.

This new firm is innovative and streamlined, designed to avoid the trappings of traditional law firms by utilizing the latest technology, prioritizing collaboration and investing in direct relationships, with clients and the United States Patent and Trademark Office, while leveraging years of professional experience.

Headquartered just outside of D.C. in Alexandria, Virginia, will bring together a team of highly-skilled and technically-trained legal practitioners and patent specialists, and will leverage their years of experience counseling clients about patent portfolios, patent prosecution strategies and achieving unparalleled results in securing patents through the Patent Office, to serve clients who want to see their legal work handled in a competent and rigorous fashion, but also, understandably, want their attorneys to have a keen eye towards the business objectives and expense realities of the company.

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A new approach for our staff

Xsensus is committed to improving the experience of working for an IP law firm, too. With transparent leadership, collaborative teamwork and technology driven processes, the Xsensus team provides unparalleled services to a rapidly expanding client base.

Our firm culture drives the day-to-day experience, and we believe work/life balance generates high-quality work and a higher quality of life. Xsensus is a place where you can be successful by being yourself and work with a diverse group of people who want to help you learn and grow.

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