What’s all the buzz about at Xsensus?

The firm recently made a charitable contribution to benefit the Northern Virginia Beekeepers Association (NVBA). Xsensus places high value on community service initiatives and environmental well-being. As both a firm and community member, they are elated to support the healthy colonization of bees within their own backyard.

Bradley Lytle, one of the founding members of Xsensus, finds beekeeping close to his heart and to those of his colleagues.

“Bees are absolutely vital to the health of our community and agriculture. Xsensus is proud  to help the NVBA and their valuable mission,” said Brad. “Tierney Farrell, a Team X member , whose super-power is gardening, even adopted a queen this past week as a part of a bee propagation project.  She dubbed the queen bee ‘Diana June’ in honor of her mother, a passionate horticulturalist who taught her kids about the importance of bees. ”

The firm’s contribution to NVBA will go towards mitigating the effects of colony collapse throughout the Northern Virginia region.

NVBA is a non-profit that is dedicated to public education and support of beekeeping in Northern Virginia.  The organization hosts multiple educational forums and provides resources for both beginner and experienced beekeepers.

Do you want to bee a part of the solution?

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